Grave - Drawn and colored by Creed Stonegate
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This illustration is based on a kind of vampire from Vampire: The Masquerade called a Samedi. Most of the work in this section is based on stuff from that game, I was really into it at the time. They hear the spirits of the dead and are all rotten like a zombie. It's the closest I've done to a zombie piece. The original was drawn and inked by hand on illustration board. Color and texture was added in Photoshop at a huge 35x52.5 size. There's extreme detail in the coloring so it will print great at poster size. As a matter of fact, the picture is linked to my gallery at where you can even buy a full sized poster of this piece or just see a larger version. Use the links below the picture to see the original black and white version and a close up of a small section showing the real detail involved in coloring this piece. Mesmer - Drawn and colored by Creed Stonegate
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While I was drawing vampire stuff, I wanted to do something showing a cool vampire ability. Vampires have always had some kind of mind control powers, persuasion, or whatever you want to call it. So I drew this, which was just the guy first. It needed something more, so I added plain white rings in the original. Once I began to work on it in Photoshop, I was able to do even more and added rings of skulls from another one of my drawings. So that part was created digitally, but this is the coolest this drawing has ever looked. This one is set up to be a poster too and you can get one by clicking on the picture! Nosferatu - Drawn and colored by Creed Stonegate
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In the Vampire game, there different kinds of vampires. One clan is the hideous, sewer-dwelling Nosferatu. They're powerful, reclusive and deal in information. As soon as I came up with the "through the sewer grate" concept, this one drew itself. My work from this time is all very dark and I'm always trying to use the most black as possible. There's detail behind him that doesn't show well when the image is reduced, but they look great in the poster size. This is my darkest work, and that really fits the subject. You can get this as a poster too! Malkav - Drawn and colored by Creed Stonegate
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There's a clan of insane vampires in the game called Malkavians. Now a lot of the time a crazy character turns into comic relief, but I wanted to focus on the vicious side of insanity. After all, a vampire's not that stable to begin with. So I wanted to draw one who was pushed over the edge. The mirror being broken just makes this one for me. When it came to coloring, I came up with the blood splatter and found some really great textures and patterns. The faces pattern I used on the frame isn't made by me, I found it somewhere a long time ago and I've been looking for something cool to use it in. I think of all my vampire work, this one has the most emotion. Click the picture to buy it as a poster!
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