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Creed's Reaper I still think of myself as an artist, even though I haven't drawn much in quite a while. I had a few years where I drew a lot of dark, gothic vampire art. That gallery was on the old site and was very popular. It's back now, along with my earlier superhero art and a lot of my other stuff. My inspirations in art are mostly comic book artists, like Paris Cullins and Gary Martin who's art made me want to be an artist in the first place, Dan Jurgens, Art Addams, Jon Bogdanove, Chuck Dixon and others. Plus my generally streamlined style is inspired by the smooth paintings of the great Lawren Harris. So stay tuned for more of my art coming soon, plus posters and t-shirts of my stuff too!
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braindude.jpg pyre8.jpg sdarkness.jpg

I've just put the vampire art gallery up. I've still got lots to add, but be sure to check out what's there so far! Plus, I'll be putting up another gallery of stuff I've done that's different. Like what I call my "Doodle Art", most of which I drew while doing something else like work. I always like to have some paper and a felt tipped pen, I never know what I'll come up with.
The Braindude is the best weird character that I ever did as a doodle. I liked it so much I colored it in photoshop and made a trippy background with some filters. The Pyre8 & Imps is something I drew to fill in the bottom of a sheet of 8.5x11 paper, that's why it's framed so weird. And the Imps look a lot like someone I used to know.
The third one's very different from most of my other work. I don't take requests [sorry, but don't even ask], but this was one of the only ones I ever did. It's pretty much my first serious fantasy piece, but I still kept a little of my darkness and horror style with the surrounding forest. It was drawn in pencil, then pen&ink on art board, then I colored the original by hand with colored pencil. Oh and the sky in the background is light and didn't scan right. Click on them to see bigger versions. These are just previews of the coming gallery, stay tuned!

Creed Stonegate